Retro Illustrations by Elle Poulson are Now On Spoonflower

Retro Illustrations by Elle Poulson are Now On Spoonflower

I've finally uploaded my retro style illustrations to Spoonflower, read how I've finally reached this point. 

What's Spoonflower?

I’ve opened my Spoonflower shop, but what is it? Spoonflower is a global marketplace for independent designers. You can purchase pre-made products in my designs, such as cushions, tea towels, napkins but you can choose from a range of fabric and make your own products. It also offers wallpaper in rolls too. 

Learning with SkillsShare

For the past year I’ve been learning to use Illustrator so I can be proficient in creating surface pattern design, creating prints and patterns. I had a basic understanding but wanted to create more elaborate patterns using my hand drawn illustrations. So I’ve watched a lot of SkillShare class. es (thanks @inkandtot I think you gave me a discount to this and it’s worth every penny).

I’ve been hand-drawing most of my prints on the iPad using Procreate and then uploading them to Illustrator to make the patterns. It is possible to do this within Procreate and will share more on that later. 

What is surface pattern design?

This is something I’ve always learned about but didn’t know until recently it had a name. Surface pattern design is illustrations, drawings, graphics that is created to go onto any surface. Think, fabrics fro curtains, quilt covers and so many more.

Here’s a couple of examples of the products Spoonflower can make for you, it’s a print on demand company - so no wastage. 

I wanted to create a halloween collection based on the illustrations I use for Print Play Learn, they’re playful and fun. So perfect for fabric for creating a table cloth to use year after years. 

Next is the Christmas Collection, this is based around at 1970s Christmas dinner, sparkly baubles, little crept paper crackers and fancy cocktails. This whole collection is in a pink and blue so you can pattern clash those fabrics together. Perfect for making re-usable gift bags, retro Christmas napkins and more. 

These Christmas designs were created for my Letterpress Christmas Card collection, taking my one design but simplifying to make it for a letterpress set. So not only can you have retro Christmas fabric but also send a beautiful card to your friends and family.  

So if you are wanting to have something made or choose fabric to make yourself then I would defiantly check out Spoonflower. So many choices from independently artists.

If you want to see my shop then check it out, do let me know if you order any products or fabric. Thanks, Elle.