Crafting Myself Happy - Cricut

Crafting Myself Happy - Cricut

Kids wall art banner home joy play art Elle poulsonSo this year for my birthday I purchased a Circut Maker! I've decided to spend less time on my phone and more time crafting.

I wanted to create different home decor items using my designs and this was a great way to try it, and for me a lot less mess than when I'm screen printing. It’s also a great way for me to produce new products myself without the need of a manufacturer - slowly building my homewares and stationery empire. 

I was really impressed at how easy the Cricut Maker was to actually use - if I was still in a classroom this would have helped so much in creating useful resources for children and the class decorations. 

I made many of the decorations for my wedding myself, including my wedding bouquet. I think having a Cricut Maker would have helped so much. 

So far I’ve managed to make paper flowers and a wreath, felt decorations, added embellishments to t-shirts and other objects.

My most recent product I’m launching at the end of May will be a range of kids banners for home decoration, either in bedrooms, playrooms, or even lounges.