retro birthday card blue orange and white designed by elle poulson on yellow table with black pen

Send a card through the post with Elle Poulson - through Thortful

I'm so excited to share I've started sharing my designs through Thorftul - OK so it's just 5 cards at the moment but it's a fantastic start to making and sharing cards around the UK. 

retro birthday cards 40th happy birthday elle poulson thortfulWhat's great about Thortful is that you can choose the size of card and if it's a really special occasion you can add to the card a bottle of something to drink, chocolates or flowers.

I design the cards with people in mind - basically cards I would love to receive in the post. I have a retro range of prints and how this brings that nostalgia and discussion from everything from the 1980s and 1990s.  

Do tag me, @ellepoulson if you send or receive a card designed by me. I love seeing them in peoples homes. Watch out for exclusive new cards coming to my website soon! In the mean time if you would like any of my prints as cards just get in touch.

Happy Birthday peony flowers peach elle poulson