image of a handdrawn casette tape in red on a lilac card stood against a blue background.

Hot Foil Kickstarter with Elle Poulson and Print Play Learn

This is my first ever kickstarter! I'm planning on it being a big one, I hope you'll be able to support me in my journey, from getting a hot foil machine to creating my first retro stationery collection.

retro bold fun stationery Elle Poulson blue red and lilac

What is a kickstarter?

If you're not sure of what a kickstarter is, I'll quickly explain it's a type of crowd funding. You make a kickstarter stating what you're going to be creating and making within a given time frame. Then people support this by purchasing different rewards (made by me).

The kickstarter is only successful if you get 100% fully funded but if you're even a couple of pound short then it fails (scary stuff). So I've been wanting to invest in a beautiful hot foil machine for a long time and be able to create bespoke and semi-bespoke stationery - not just for weddings but also parties young and older and more. 

I want to be able create stationery that stays up in the home, not just popped away or even thrown (nooo! - yeah I probably keep far too much stationery). 

So what am I doing?

Well at the moment I'm in the planning stages of the kickstarter, I'm doing the sensible things like costings but I'm also creating a selection of rewards to which you'll hopefully love and want to support.

I don't want you to miss out when my kickstarter goes live, they'll be some early bird specials and limited editions so sign up to this mailing list so you know when it's released.

Sign up to stay in touch!

If you don't know I'm also the founder of Print Play Learn and the dream is to have a lovely studio to create stationery and prints but also to be able to share my knowledge with children and adults running workshops. How exciting. 

 So sign up and keep up to date with my journey, see how I will be creating the retro cards of dreams. Here's my Instagram where I try to show you how I'm creating my first stationery collection, from choosing different types of foil and card, colours and much more. 

retro stationery lilac card with image of a casette tape