elle poulson kids art prints for the home designer and teacher

Who is designer Elle Poulson?

Elle Poulson Designer Printmaker Illustrator Artist

Oh hey!

It's time to share why I started my Elle Poulson brand - so here's a little about me and my why. 

So I'm Elle Poulson and I create, make and design. I am also the founder of Print Play Learn .

I have always had a love for art and design from a young age, I did go Art College then at University. I specialised in my Primary Education degree in Art. Whilst at art college I focused on textile design, then the sensible side of me I decided to train as a teacher and become a Primary School Teacher with an art specialism- as honestly, I thought this was the only option for a job at this time and I put on hold my Surface Pattern Textile Design Degree. 

Fast forward 15 years I am returning to my love of textiles and design. I developed my knowledge of working with children by becoming a SENDCo and Deputy Head Teacher - a job I truly loved. Alongside working in the evenings I was creating art resources, printables and more for children and making resources for my classroom to add some personalisation and joy.

After having my children teaching full time didn't work for me. I decided to fully work on Print Play Learn and whilst doing this I was able to go to learn how to screen print and re-visit many of the aspects of art I loved such as drawing, lettering and textiles. Whilst doing this I re-decorated 

So now, I'm working back on my designs - which I love. 

Soon I will give myself the title of Surface Pattern Designer - as that is my dream to create prints and patterns for every surface in your home. 

Keep up to date with what I'm doing by following me on Instagram. 

I'm easily influenced by colour, retro and vintage designs so if you are too come and say hi!

Be Kind pink and red writing on green with stars wooden floor art prints for the home