Print Ply Learn - Ply Learning Boards for children.

Beautiful kids room decoration with a little bit of learning too. 

So, why Print Ply Learn?

Since starting Print Play Learn I wanted to make a learning product that was stylish for your home.

Each of the products I make is with the child and their individual learning styles in mind. I wanted to create products for the home which draw on my over 10 years of experience in Education as well as my strong love of kids interior style.

What is Print Ply Learn?

The ply Learning board is an alternative to a poster, something you can pop onto a shelf - not only looks great also helps with learning too. 

Each of our ply learning boards are designed and hand-pulled screen printed by Elle Poulson. A perfect addition to a child's room or home. 

So many benefits to using ply, it will last, it's reusable and due to it being a wooden colour it can be easier for children who are dyslexic to read from compared to reading black ink off white paper. 

Each of the ply boards are hand-made and packaged in a corn starch packaging and backed with card.